About Emmanuel Kerr

Emmanuel Kerr’s Journey to Success:


Emmanuel Kerr began his career as a teacher. This passion for helping individuals inspired him to work overseas in Japan, The United States and Peru. After years of teaching, he realised that it wasn’t the content that inspired him, but the individuals who he met daily; face to face.

After returning to Australia, he settled back down into what he thought would be his vocation for life, but something was missing.  A growing restlessness led him to search for more. He led a meditation group, read the teachings of the great philosophers and eventually he heard a YouTube clip by Bob Proctor. He found the more he studied Proctor, the more the insights resonated with his own core beliefs of ‘leaving people in better condition than he found them.’

As fate would have it, he received the answers to his prayers one morning, when he was contacted by the Bob Proctor about becoming a consultant. He immediately knew that this was life changing information that would help him achieve his innermost calling to serve others.

Emmanuel is now one of Bob Proctor’s Top Global Consultants and is motivated to help his clients change the results they are getting by coaching them through this life changing program.